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Monday, November 18th, 2013 06:13 pm
I'm having a bit of a musical squee day today. Have an utterly random list of bullet-points.  :)
    • Per Playbill, today is Anthony Warlow's birthday. They linked to this song from a Doctor Zhivago musical that I don't think I was aware of, and gawd, I haven't had a new-to-me Anthony Warlow song in ages. He just makes me melt. (His duet partner, Lucy Maunder, has a lovely voice, too.)


    • A friend and I have our tickets to see Neil Patrick Harris in "Hedwig & the Angry Inch" on Broadway this spring. Woot!   (And how adorable is this young man's Korean version of "Sugar Daddy"?)   I think while we're there, I'm going to aim to see at least one more show (possibly "Once") and leave one evening free to catch some last-minute cabaret.  It's always so frustrating that some of the coolest things in NYC don't even get *announced* more than a month in advance.


    • Soooo excited that recent French productions of Follies and Sunday in the Park are probably getting DVD releases.  I have a *cough* copy of Sunday in the Park recorded from French TV, and it's great, but didn't think I'd ever get to see more than snippets of the Follies.  (Which had included Jerome Pradon in the cast, and who will always be my favorite Marius, and who I also have not listened to in far too long.  *happy sigh* )


    • Speaking of Sondheim and Neil Patrick Harris, I was rewatching the NPH "Company" concert last night because it somehow got recorded on my DVR and I couldn't just delete without watching.  :)  Sooooo much awesome.  Obligatory Patti Lupone singing Ladies Who Lunch.  (Though the performance at the Birthday Concert is more electric, imo...  that entire red dress lineup...  *swoon*.)


    • Looking at videos today, I came across this one that I've somehow missed for several years, and OMG, I'm so happy!  Several years ago (Ugh... more than five years now) I made a special trip to London to see a show called "Make Me a Song", which was a revue of William Finn songs, and Ian H Watkins' performance of "What More Can I Say" just blew me away.  The song is already such a beautiful, simple-yet-profound love song... and you combine that with his sweet, pure voice and it's like heaven.  I've been obsessed with finding other renditions of this song that come anywhere close, and half the people who record it change up the damn pronouns so it's a man singing about "her" instead of "him", or a generic "you", let alone approaching the sublimeness of the voice.